Hi, I'm
Biky Lemont

The assistant that will evolve
your business processes,
increasing the conversion
of your chats

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Why am I the assistant
your business needs
to increase sales
in 2024?

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efficiency in
your sales team


in conversion rate


availability to attend your chat sales

and satisfaction

in appointment scheduling

What can you
do with Biky?

Advanced message responses with Gen-AI + Deep Learning

Scheduling and automatic reminders of appointments


All this, without losing
the human touch that
characterizes us as people.

Biky, asistente de ventas virtual con Inteligencia Artificial

Biky can:

  • Interpret and generate audios
    to respond.
  • Answering in a different way
    same or repetitive questions.
  • Understand context situations
    and generate answers from this.

Example: If you talk about a "Haval Jolion Hybrid", you can you may respond with "Of course we have that truck available".


Autolarte Chevrolet

“With Keybe we managed to have omnichannel.”

Juan David Ballesteros

KTM Dismerca

“Keybe adapts to our philosophy of being Simple and Forceful. Today, thanks to Keybe, our digital sales exceed the sales of our physical stores.”

Carlos Gaviria


“We increased digital sales by 70% during the first year with Keybe's omnichannel.”


“If you want to improve your company, I recommend it.”

Rigoberto Urán


“Having Keybe allowed us to respond to customers in less time and with more quality via WhatsApp and social networks.”

Laura Aldana

Mi Celu

“In that search for an ideal tool, and among 8 options, we met Keybe and we went for it because it was the most complete of all.”

Melisa Toro

Satori Belleza

“With Biky we were able to increase the conversion rate of chat sales by serving a larger number of customers, without hiring new saleswomen and increasing the effectiveness of the current team.”

Jahana Alegría


Data enrichment

Conversation mapping

Opportunity detection

Sentiment analysis

Appointment scheduling

Data enrichment

Data enrichment

Must be comfortable for my doggy

Pet Added ✅

Data enrichment

I live in Miami

City Added ✅

Data enrichment

I have 3 children

children added ✅

Data enrichment

My email is [email protected]

Email saved ✅

Data enrichment

Sure, the ID is 1017254478

ID saved ✅

Data enrichment

I like speed and comfort

Features added ✅

Data enrichment

I like to go on roadtrips

Preference saved ✅

Data enrichment

I'm looking for something under $25k

Added budget ✅

Data enrichment

I don't like the color red

Added Taste ✅

Data enrichment

My cell phone is +19890934

Cell Phone Saved ✅


KB: Smart chat

Smart Chat revolutionizes the way you do business. This AI-powered chat helps optimize business processes and increase sales closures.

  • Omnichannel
  • Multi-agent
  • Answer Suggestions
  • Action Suggestions
  • Data enrichment
  • Sentiment analysis

KB: Contacts

Learn from every customer interaction by connecting your company's digital ecosystem in one place. With KB: Customer Data Platform (CDP), centralize data for a 360-degree view of each customer.

  • Automatic contact creation
  • Centralized data
  • Segment management
  • Lead nurturing
  • People and Companies

KB: Flows

Automate repetitive tasks and transform commercial processes to increase your team's efficiency and productivity.

  • Connected with 1,000+ apps
  • No code
  • Chatbots and conversational flows

KB: Outbound Messages

Supercharge your business communication! Personalize messages to target contacts effortlessly. Amplify sales opportunities, boost engagement, and drive conversions.

  • WhatsApp Business.
  • Email.
  • SMS.
  • Promotional and transactional.

Still have doubts?

Humanos sin Biky Humanos con Biky

Humans without Biky

  • Ability to handle up to 30 chats per day
  • Ability to handle up to 5 chats simultaneously
  • 20% Effectiveness in closing conversational sales
  • Chat support available 8/5

Humans with Biky

  • Ability to handle well over 120 chats per day
  • Ability to handle well over 20 chats simultaneously
  • 80% Effectiveness in closing conversational sales
  • 24/7 Chat support available
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  • Implementation times

    It's immediate. Biky understands PDFs, catalogs and URLs with information about your company to learn in a few minutes everything you need to know.

  • Learning process

    Biky learns in 2 ways:

    • From the documentation uploaded in PDFs, URLs or catalogs.
    • From the conversations she generates.

    Additionally, if any answer is wrong, it can be corrected. You find a thumbs up or down if the answer is good or bad next to the specific message.

  • Languages

    Biky currently has the ability to respond to audios in English and Spanish. Text in more than 80 languages.

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